Welcome to my adventure

I am always doing something new, finding the next thing which captures my attention for however long it may be.  Right now I am in absolute awe of surfers!  I am working on action photography and trying to capture not just the moment of action but the story which surrounds it.


I frequent the NH and southern ME coast.  If you happen to see me or recognize people in images I’ve captured please feel free to connect with me.


What a journey the past two and a half years have been.

20150726_154359EI spent 7 months hiking from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail, capturing my journey in photos along the way.  This journey was so much more than hiking from point A to point B, it was a chance to learn about myself and the world which surrounds us all.  To pause long enough to understand the importance not of luxuries, monetary gain, or societal labels but instead of self worth, simplicity, and nature.  I discovered the beauty of the world in which I live; the kindness of strangers, the joy of watching a sunset, eating a simple meal, falling asleep under the stars, seeing the world awash in color after a summer storm, and stopping to do nothing but breath.
I hope you enjoy walking through my photos and joining me on my journey as much as I enjoyed taking them.  All photos were captured on my cell phone.  If you’d like to see more from my hike “Let’s go for a walk” and join me on the trail.

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Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to the continued growth both of my website and my photography.

All images are available for sale. Please email me with any questions you may have: erin.tuveson@gmail.com